Gone, But Not Forgotten…

In 2012, I had to shut done the Iliff Computer Center because of severe complications. There were simply too many issues to contend with in order to keep the store open. Now, five years later, I finally got around to taking down the original website.

I just wanted to thank all of our customers who made us a great place to visit for computer and gaming needs. We had an incredible amount of fun meeting our customers and getting to know the community. In fact, we almost brought the Iliff Computer Center back from the dead a couple of times because it was such a great opportunity.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do so because of the severe lack of income. The area is just too small and the rent on the facility was incredibly high in comparison.

I have debated on doing something more with this site. Even though the company is no longer around, that doesn’t mean that I can’t put up news and information concerning computers and gaming. In reality, there has been a lot of changes since the days we were selling custom gaming computers and fixing Xbox units.

Because I will continue to keep this site open and running, I’ll add a few things here and there regarding the niche our company once held dear. However, I know have a new career and doing more things in my life. So, I may not be adding content on a regular basis.

This is more of a hobby than anything now. Even though I had a lot of good times running the computer center, I can say without a doubt that I will not be returning to Iliff any time in the near future.

Again, I thank all of you who have come to us in your time of need when your computers and games stopped working. I thank all of you who visited our eBay store and kept the doors open for the four years we were in operation. And I thank everyone who made us a regular stop even if it was just to come by and say hello.

Good luck to you all.