How Vital is Content for Your Website?

Without content, a website or a blog is nothing. Because if you have nothing to read, no one is going to come. But, it takes more than just slapping words up and hoping for the best. (more…) ...
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Content Experiment

Content Experiment: Getting Each Blog Set Up in Advance

For my next little experiment, I am working on getting each blog set up in advance. Since I am trying to get at least four of them pumping out content in 2021, I need to find a way to balance everything. (more…) ...
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Google Amp

The Google AMP Project in WordPress

Google will soon start using the Core Web Vitals as part of ranking in search results. This means I need to address the speed issues of all my sites. Well, except this one. (more…) ...
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Improving Retention

Using Images and B-Roll in YouTube Videos

I’m trying different methods to increase the retention percentage of my videos. Prior to that last few, the average was around 35%. This means only one-third of my videos were being watched. So, what can I do to increase that watch time? (more…) ...
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No Suggested Video Fix

Getting Into Suggested Video: Experimenting

As I work to improve the YouTube channel for WriterSanctuary, I need to address the next biggest problem. That is getting into Suggested Video columns for viewers who are not subscribed. (more…) ...
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Improving PageSpeed Insight LCP: Experiment Time

In this experiment, I’m going to see what I can do to shave off some time on the LCP for WriterSanctuary. Right now, the core web vitals are pretty bad. And I don’t want to lose momentum in search results. (more…) ...
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New Content Strategy

Building a New Content Strategy: Experimenting Again

After taking a long, hard look at my own blogs, I’ve decided it was time to plan out a new content strategy. What I’m doing now is OK, but it’s just not being as effective for my own blogs as what I do for my clients. (more…) ...
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Army Ant Method

Army Ant Method? Small Questions in a Listicle

As I continue to look for different ways to improve the blogs, I came across something new. Well, kind of. It’s the “Army Ant Method” for creating a blog post. But, how well does it really work? (more…) ...
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Having AMP Issues

Fixing AMP Issues on the Blogs

Ok, I have a new problem that I have to address after experimenting with AMP. It seems that AMP broke Google Analytics and AdSense. In fact, I lost more than half of my income from CrossingColorado.com after installing AMP. Here is how I’m going to fix it. (more…) ...
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