Getting 360 Pageviews per Day

In this experiment, I am attempting to get one of my blogs to 360 pageviews per day on average. This will put the blog at over 10,000 views per month, which should open quite a few opportunities such as using Media Vine instead of AdSense.

After spending several hours this morning studying traffic, I think I might have a valid method ready. How long it will take is another feat of its own.

The Plan to Increase to 360 Pageviews

Keep in mind that this is all experimental. It’s a case study based on the blog’s niche, writing skill, and development of the specific blog. What works for me might not work for you.

Essentially, I want to track to see how long it takes to reach 360 pageviews and what types of articles work best to get there.

So, this is going to be a work in progress.

Writing Blog Posts: Content is King

For this experiment, I’m focusing on writing at least three articles per week using keyphrases that have a minimum volume of 100 according to Google Keyword Planner. The idea is to obviously improve traffic while utilizing search intent.

These will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and contain high-quality content. This means I’m not just going to whip out a blog post for the sake of having an article with the keyphrase.

A lot of research will go into each piece regarding the best method in which to use the phrase.

According to the numbers, I need to increase traffic by 115 pageviews per day to reach 360. If I take the number 1 spot of every keyphrase that has a volume of 100, it would take another 35 high-quality articles to reach my goal.

At an average of 3 per week, it should take roughly 12 weeks to accomplish this.

However, it also depends on how long it takes each article to rank high. As it takes six to eight months for any article to really gain traction in Google, it may be sometime between August and October before I see those kinds of numbers.

I’ll be keeping track of the growth from month to month, though. Perhaps it won’t take as long if I can get in some great content.

Revamping the Older Pieces

Revamping, or rewriting, older articles pays off in most cases. In fact, I’ve seen an article grow by more than 8,000% just from a 400-word addition and better header layouts. And I’m talking about the difference of thousands of visits per month.

For this experiment, I am dedicating Fridays to work on at least one older article. This means that if I can improve traffic to those older blog posts, it would reduce the amount of time it’ll take to reach 360 pageviews per day.

I plan on starting with the articles that rank somewhere on page two or three of a Google search as they would have an easier time gaining visitors. Though, this also depends on the topic itself.

Not everything is going to be worth updating, and not everything is going to grow at the same rate.

Still, it’s always worth the time updating a piece of content, especially if it has the potential to gain more visitors.

Starting Today (2/25/2022): 229.62 Pageviews/Day

At this moment, the blog has an average of 229.62 pageviews per day in 2022 according to Google Analytics. I’ll track progress in 30-day increments below. So, the next update will be on March 27th.

By then, I’ll have 14 articles published minimum. Though, I’m not expecting massive movement in numbers for another two to three months.

In the meantime, I’ll continue working on my next book and keeping the YouTube videos moving in the right direction. If I can maintain my schedule, I should be able to handle everything.