The Iliff Computer Center, Inc. was a computer repair and sales business I owned back in 2008. It was built in Iliff, Colorado, a town with 250 people. But, we managed to do a bit of business from nearby cities and eBay.

In 2012, I had to shut the doors permanently. It’s a long story, but needless to say, I kept the domain name for the website all this time.

Mostly, because I still use the “” email address for a lot of things online.

Becoming a Content Creation Blog

I decided to turn the Iliff Computer Center website into a platform where I can conduct content creation experiments and keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Essentially, it’s an online journal of my drive to create various forms of content.

I find it fitting that something that made such an impact on my life in the past contributes to my life today. And although it’s mostly a way for me to keep track of things, perhaps someone can find usefulness in their own projects.

Plus, it gives me content for when I run performance and speed tests for various settings within WordPress. This is instead of just using sample text.


Although is where I put blogging tips and information, ICC is where the experiments will reside for that data. This is because I don’t want to anger the Google algorithm and hurt my content rankings.

For the most part, the information here will center around experiments that could ultimately break a website. And since I’m not looking for this blog to be a success online, I don’t have to worry about utterly destroying it.

I can simply delete, reinstall, and start over. But yes, I will keep a backup of the content so I don’t lose what data I’ve collected.


I’m currently working on trying to improve my YouTube channels. And since I really don’t have a blog focused on that niche, I’ll simply call it part of content creation for this site.

Just like succeeding in blogging, creating videos that get in front of viewers is more difficult than just clicking record, uploading, and adding a catchy title.

There are a lot of gears turning behind the scenes. And I hope to learn how to get those gears spinning for my channels.


Something else I am actively working on is perfecting my Twitch channel. Though, I’m debating on moving the live streams to YouTube.

To be honest, we just don’t get a lot of viewership outside of the Twitch live embed on And the live streams can work to improve CP’s YouTube library of videos.

But for now, I’ll keep working on some content creation experiments for Twitch.

Social Media?

Eventually, I’d also like to include social media experiments on this website. After all, I really need to work on promoting myself as a creator.

One thing I would like to do is experiment more with Pinterest. But for now, we’ll just have to see where things go.

Why Not Offline?

Sure, I could use my offline WordPress installation to create a similar journal. But, it’s my hope that perhaps I can help someone else discover their own content creation path.

Whether it’s through my successes or failures, I am always looking to help others.