Blank Screen from WordPress Themes

One of the things I’ve needed to fix in for quite some time is the fact that I get a blank screen anytime I preview themes in WordPress. As I suspect the theme is what’s causing a lot of my issues as of late, I decided it’s time to fix this problem.

What is the Issue with the Blank Screen in WordPress with Themes?

So, in this particular case, I am able to switch themes without an issue. It’s when previewing or installing a new theme is when I get the blank screen in WordPress. Then, I have to hit back twice and forward once to get back to where I was.

Testing: Activating a Different Theme to Install Another

I suspect that my current theme is messed up in some fashion. I am going to activate one I never use, in this case, the Twenty Twenty-One theme, and try to install a new one.

I’m able to install a new theme, just not preview it from the WordPress installer screen.

Once a theme is installed, I’m also able to see the preview screen. So, I only get the blank screen if trying to preview new themes in WordPress.

No Answers Readily Available

After spending an hour or so in Google, I’ve yet to find anyone with a related problem to this issue. However, I will do a bit of troubleshooting of my own in the near future.

As I’m pressed for time today, I only did a basic look at the problem. In reality, I’m still able to install and activate themes in WordPress without getting a blank screen. So, it’s not an overly hindering problem.

Just a bit time-consuming.

In the future, I’ll try:

  • Disabling all plugins to eliminate possibility of incompatbile or conflicting tools.
  • Replacing the theme-install.php file with a fresh copy.

I’ll update this list if I can think of any other ideas in the meantime.