Content Experiment

For my next little experiment, I am working on getting each blog set up in advance. Since I am trying to get at least four of them pumping out content in 2021, I need to find a way to balance everything.

The idea is to get me to a place where I can manage producing blog posts without stressing over missing deadlines.

Right now, I want each blog to have at least three posts published per week during their “prime times.” And if I want to maintain all of them after this experiment, I really need to start adhering to my schedule in Asana.

After each week of getting content scheduled ahead of time, I’ll have to maintain each site as I go. So, I am thinking there is going to be a bit of weekend writing for the next month.

Week One:

This first week, I am going to focus on content for I need to get at least five pieces of content ready for the rest of this week and all of next.

I also want to get the YouTube videos scheduled in advance. It seems that publishing them in the morning has been a bit more productive in terms of viewership.

This is because YouTube is telling me that my viewers are more active in the mornings. However, I am working for GreenGeeks first thing. So, this means I need to do videos in the afternoon and schedule them ahead of time.

And this is probably going to take up the most amount of time.

Week Two:

The problem with is that it was lumped in with health sites according to Google. As such, it was pegged by the YMYL and EAT algorithm changes.

In other words, I lost 80% of my traffic overnight.

However, I do have plans to fix all of these elements while getting more content up on the site. And out of all of the sites I own, I think has the best potential for actually bringing in some money.

Luckily, I don’t have nearly the same number of videos to make for the YouTube channel. Though, I would still like to do more in the future.

Week Three: has a fair bit of traffic going to it for the OBS and Xsplit tutorials. Still, I need to get more on the site outside of “how tos.”

Luckily, my son, Ty, wants to help by writing a few articles. Starting immediately, I’m going to research a few pieces he could write until we can get the site stabilized.

But with how dense the gaming community competition is on Google, I don’t know how much traffic those articles will bring in. I suppose we’ll just have to see with what we can come up with.

But in week three, I’ll focus more of my own attention on the blogs and YouTube videos.

No Need to Worry About Practically Living Green already has a good flow of content going. I’ve hired a freelance writer to help keep content going on the site three times per week. I just need to get back into doing more of the evergreen-type posts.

I love the content Robert finds, but it’s more “newsy.” This means the content is only effective for a certain amount of time. I’d rather have more posts that are still relevant in five years.

That’s OK, though. At least Google sees there is still relevant content being produced. So, there should be a significant jump in traffic by the end of July.

Here Comes the Fun Part

To get this started without losing a lot of time and traffic, I need to start doing this today. This means I have got to hunker down and get as much done as I possibly can.

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan out this little experiment until about 20 minutes ago. Plus, I have a YouTube video and a Live Stream to do for WriterSanctuary today…not to mention a staff meeting.

I need to find an hour or two today so I can start hammering out the details and scheduling things in Asana…otherwise, I’ll forget.

I suppose I can cheat with the video today and just publish a new channel trailer. I need a new one anyway, and it should only take me about a half hour to crank it out real quick.

Crossing My Fingers

I definitely have my week cut out for me. I just hope I have enough time and ambition to get everything done. There is just so much on my plate that some days, I start to feel overwhelmed.

If I can just get a handle of my schedule, I think everything will easily slap into place. That’s what this experiment is all about. Will it help me get everything stabilized throughout the week?

I guess we’ll just have to see.