Podcast Setup

In this experiment, I am working on setting up the WriterSanctuary podcast. Each stage of the process will be listed in this article. I plan on logging every stage of development from start to finish. With any luck, the title will easily fit the content.

Of course, all of this information is subject to change over time. It all really depends on just how far we take the experience.

Steps to Make the Podcast

1. Have an Idea

The first step to having a successful podcast is coming up with an idea of what you’ll talk about. This is going to center around the type of audience you’re trying to attract.

In the case of WriterSanctuary, we’re targeting people interested in freelance writing, writing in general, blogging, and other forms of being creative.

Though, I think we should start focusing on themes for each episode. At the moment, it seems to be more of a grab-bag of randomness.

2. Recording on YouTube as a Jumping Point

A lot of podcast creators are taking to YouTube as a launching point. This lets them connect with their audience while preparing a show to use for sharing on podcasting platforms.

Essentially, you’re targeting two different forms of audience from a single show.

For this process, we’re recording shows live on Friday nights and interacting with the audience. At which point, we can edit the show and upload the highlights, or use the show in its entirety.

No matter what, we’ve already hit an active audience with the content. The podcast will just bring in a few more consumers.

3. Creating an Account on Anchor

I’ve set up an account on Anchor. It’s a free podcast platform by Spotify that will distribute your shows to the most popular systems. It comes with analytic tools as well as an easy sign-up process for monetizing.

Though, I’m not overly worried about monetizing the podcast until we get a few shows up and start developing an audience.

4. Uploading the First Episode

Currently, we are in the process of uploading the first episode.

More to come.

Indirect Monetization

Like YouTube, I am hoping to draw an audience to the WriterSanctuary blog. This will help me monetize the podcast indirectly.

Since the blog is running ads and affiliate banners, anyone visiting from YouTube or podcasting platforms are seeing those ads. And some may even click.

This means that even though I’m not in the YouTube Partnership Program, my videos are still generating revenue in some form. This experiment will let me see if the same can be done with a podcast.

A Work in Progress

At the moment, this is merely a work in progress. I’ll be updating this post as we progress with setting up the podcast.