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How Vital is Content for Your Website?

Without content, a website or a blog is nothing. Because if you have nothing to read, no one is going …
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Content Experiment

Content Experiment: Getting Each Blog Set Up in Advance

For my next little experiment, I am working on getting each blog set up in advance. Since I am trying …
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Google Amp

The Google AMP Project in WordPress

Google will soon start using the Core Web Vitals as part of ranking in search results. This means I need …
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Improving Retention

Using Images and B-Roll in YouTube Videos

I’m trying different methods to increase the retention percentage of my videos. Prior to that last few, the average was …
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No Suggested Video Fix

Getting Into Suggested Video: Experimenting

As I work to improve the YouTube channel for WriterSanctuary, I need to address the next biggest problem. That is …
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Improving PageSpeed Insight LCP: Experiment Time

In this experiment, I’m going to see what I can do to shave off some time on the LCP for …
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New Content Strategy

Building a New Content Strategy: Experimenting Again

After taking a long, hard look at my own blogs, I’ve decided it was time to plan out a new …
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Army Ant Method

Army Ant Method? Small Questions in a Listicle

As I continue to look for different ways to improve the blogs, I came across something new. Well, kind of …
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